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Week 6
dylan <3

My Stats This Week

My height: 170cm (around 5'7)
Highest I ever weighted:100 kgs (220 lbs)
Starting weight:97 kgs (213.4 lbs)
Current weight:88.5 kgs (194.7 lbs)
Current BMI:30.6 (starting: 34.6)

Weight loss this week - 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)! Wow, I did not expect to lose so much this week at all... But don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did! Woop!

I'm also celebrating a round 4 point loss in my BMI! :DDD

Week 6: Food Diary/Exercise: Sunday to Saturday (November 30th-December 6th)

(6:15) 5 Spoons of apple-rice with half a glass of soy milk + sugar.
(9:30) Low fat chocolate pudding.
(11:00) Medium size orange.
(13:00) 3 Spoons of whole grain rice + cooked peas & carrots + salad + matbucha (middle eastern tomato salad)
(15:45) Medium size orange.
(18:00) Energy bar.
(20:30) 2 Slices of whole grain tomato bread + a spoon of tchina (sesame seeds, whole grain!) + salad + boiled cauliflower (lots and lots! + 3 spoons of quinoa.
Exercise - An hour long speed walk + a short run.

(6:30) 2 Slices of whole grain tomato bread + a spoon of cherry jam (low sugar brand)
(9:30) Low fat chocolate pudding.
(11:00) Medium size orange.
(13:00) Grits soup + salad + 2 spoons of matbucha with olives.
(16:30) Energy bar.
(18:00) A cup of vegetable soup.
(20:00) Muesli - fruits (red melon, grapes, apples), silan (date honey), bran flakes & 0% fat yogurt. Absolute deliciousness in 250 calories!
(21:00)2 cups of vegetables soup + energy bar.
Exercise - 35 minutes on the elliptical.

(12:00) Oatmeal with dates & cranberries.
(14:00) Large green apple.
(16:00) 4 Slices of full grain bread (35 calories a slice) + 3 tchina spoons (sesame seeds)
(18:00) A small apple.
(19:00) Chocolate bar (100 cal)
(19:30) Salad + 2 0.5% fat cottage cheese + 2 boiled eggs.
Exercise - 45 minutes on the elliptical.

(7:00) A sandwich - 2 slices of full grain bread + a spoon of 0.5% fat cottage cheese + boiled eggs + vegetables.
(9:45) Apple.
(12:20) 3 spoons of matbucha + grits soup.
(13:55) Energy bar.
(15:00) An orange.
(18:00) Another orange.
(19:00) A salad with dressings + 2 slices of full grain tomato bread + half a spoon of pesto (homemade, yum) + 0.5% fat cream cheese.
Exercise - 120 minutes speed walk.

(7:00) Malabi (sort of a pudding... Not very nutritious, but very delicious!) + energy bar.
(10:00) Apple.
(13:15) A cup of pasta + tomato sauce + salad + boiled egg.
(14:30) orange-banana-apple juice.
(18:00) Cereal + energy bar.
(21:00) Rice (whole grain) + peas + salad with dressings.
Exercise - None :(

(11:00)Breakfast in a restaurant, oh boy - eggs, jabetta bread, various cheeses, eep!
(14:30)Salad with dressings + medium size boiled potato.
(18:00)70 g of quinoa with sweet potato and dried fruits + salad + egg salad + white bread. Eep again!
Exercise - 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Saturday Is still ongoing, I'll update it as I go.
(10:30)5 Spoons of apple rice + soy milk + half a spoon of silan.
(14:00) Frozen yogurt - low fat, with red and black berries, strawberries, kiwi, dates and granola - really good!
(15:30) Boiled egg + medium size potato with 2 slices of whole grain bread with tomatoes and avocado.
(17:00) Apple.
(18:00) Corn (boiled) + quinoa (70 g) + half an apple (again! lol)
(20:30) Low fat vanilla pudding.
Exercise - one hour on the elliptical.

Feeling very good about weight loss this week, although I've given in to temptations more than once, but like I said before: as long as I'm still losing (and at such an awesome pace!!!)

I've eaten lots of fruits this week, and I feel so good about that. I think that was really missing from my diet before. Anywho, my goal for next week is to start adding exercise for my abs as well, and to take my working out to the next level overall. Eep. Wish me luck!

Anyway, picture post will be up in a couple of minutes. As always - Friend locked and NSFW!

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I'm part of the dietingsupport comm and saw the great way you sort out your eating for the day and it's great inspiration! Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much :) That really means a lot to me.

Oh, btw, I added you as a friend, hope that's ok!

Sure, I've added you back.

Looks like you've had a good week to me! Lots of fruit and veg! (I'v been low on fruit this week, haven't had a chance to do a shop!) Your sticking to roughly 1200 cals right? I'm thinking I need to drop mine from 1600 cos I don't feel like I'm seeing results. Not going to the gym could also be something to do with it! By the way are you vegetarian?

My aim is to be on 1200, though I think I'm usually eating more around 1400... Still, if it works it work, right? The most important thing to me is to work out as much as I can. If I slack off once, I'll never stop! lol. And yeah I'm a vegetarian.

Are you seeing any results in cloth sized and whatnot? From what I can tell you're eating well, but if you haven't been weighing in from the start you can't really tell anyhow, right?

Oh and you should definitely go to the gym! Or find some exercise routine that suits you. It pays off, believe me!

I think the more you can eat and still loose weight, thats the best, cos as you loose weight you have to cut how many calories you eat anyway, so if you're at the minimum already, you've got nowhere to go!
Yeah its true I haven't been weighing in from teh start, I spose I'll see on Monday if there is a difference. Honestly I don't really see much of a difference, but it usually takes at least 7-14 pounds before I can tell the difference! and yeah I defniatly need to find an exercise plan for me!I think I need to work on that!

Holding my fingers for Monday then!

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