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Weeks 7 & 8
dylan <3
I'm ill today :( came down with a sour throat and a nasty case of the sniffles. I'm feeling bloated as all hell as I'm right before my period.

The last two weeks have been rather difficult for me, I've fallen off the wagon several times, and haven't exercised at all like I've planned, mostly due to laziness. The reason for this is that I've been staying at my parents' home more than I used to during week days, and the sheer boredom is weakening my resolve. I haven't been updating my food log as religiously as I used to, and I'm not following the times. I'm determined to change this, however, and won't let this little bump in the road stop me.

My Stats This Week
My height: 170cm (around 5'7)
Highest I ever weighted:100 kgs (220 lbs)
Starting weight:97 kgs (213.4 lbs)
Current weight:87.5 kgs (192.5)
Current BMI:30.2 (starting: 34.6)

Weight loss since last weigh in (06-12-08) is -1kg. It could be more, I suppose, as I'm possibly retaining water during this time of the month. And I know it's a healthy loss for two weeks, but I'm not proud of myself as I would have been if I were to control myself and not binge so much. I supposed if I'd lost the same amount of weight and had eaten right I would have been a lot happier.

Week 7: Food Diary/Exercise
(8:25) A large pear.
(10:20) Medium size orange.
(12:20) 1.5 veggie schnitzel + salad.
(14:10) A large apple.
(16:45) Medium size orange.
(19:30) Oatmeal with prunes and cranberries + 4 slices of light whole grain bread + 0.5% fat cream cheese and pesto + a glass of OJ.
(22:00) 3 rice crackers + 0.5% cheese.
Exercise - 60 minutes speed walk.

(6:30)Oatmeal with prunes and cranberries + a glass of OJ.
(9:30) Energy bar.
(12:00) noodles and hummus soup + salad + sesame seeds (tchina) + a piece of a 5% fat cheese sandwich.
(14:00) Two small tangerines.
(16:00) Orange.
(19:20) Egg sandwich + yogurt.

(7:00) 1.5% fat yogurt.
(9:30) Energy bar.
(10:00) Low fat chocolate pudding.
(13:00) Carrot soup + veggie schnitzel + potatoes (cooked)+ salad.
Then I came home and binged like woah :(

(7:10) 3.5% cups of apple rice + soy milk and sugar.
(13:30) Rice and tomato soup + cooked vegetables.
(16:30) An orange.
(19:00) 2 slices of bread + sesame seeds.
(21:00) pasta with tomato and cream sauce.
Exercise - One hour speed walk.

(7:10) Cereal with 3% milk.
(10:15) Energy bar + low fat pudding.
(13:00) Rice + vegetable soup + veggie schnitzel.
(18:00) Tangerine.
(19:00) Salad + boiled egg + a spoon of cream cheese + slices of light bread.
(21:00) A piece of apple pie.

(8:30) Apple rice with hones, coco, and mild.
(10:00) A banana.

Then I stopped logging because I overate like a crazy person.

Week 7: Food Diary/Exercise
(6:30) Apple rice with honey and milk.
(9:50) A tangerine.
(12:30) Grits soup + salad.
(15:40) An orange.
(19:40) Salad with dressings + boiled potato and sweet potato + sesame seeds (tchina)
Exercise - 100 sit ups + 100 rope jumps + and hour and 40 minutes speed walk.
Fresh vegetables eaten today - tomato, cucumber, celery, carrots, red pepper, red cabbage.

(6:30) Cereal + milk + energy bar.
(9:30) Chocolate pudding.
(12:10) Salad + tomato and rice soup.
(15:00 An apple.
(19:50) Chiffon bread (2 slices) + boiled egg + salad.
Exercise - 100 sit ups, 105 rope jumps, an hour and 40 minutes speed walk.
Fresh vegetables eaten today - carrots, tomato, cucumber, onion, corn, red cabbage, avocado.

(6:30) Oatmeal.
(9:40)Low fat pudding.
(11:20) An apple.
(14:30) An apple.
(15:30) White bread bun + tomato salad (matbucha)
(18:30) Energy bar.
(22:30) 2 medium potatoes + salad + cottage cheese + hard salty cheese + boiled egg.
Fresh vegetables eaten today - tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, green cabbage.

The rest of the week I'm been too lazy to log. I suppose I'm making it worse than it really is - I've been eating mostly good foods (besides the lollipops and apple pie from yesterday. Sigh) and calorie wise I've been on maintaining level. It's just that beside Monday and Sunday I haven't been exercising at all and I suppose I won't today as well because I'm ill.

I just want to pat myself on the back and not be disappointed with myself. I know it's irrational because overall I have been doing well, and I'm just PMSy and crazy right now, but I have really high expectations with myself regardless, and I hate feeling so blah :(

My goals for next week are simple enough - (a) get as much exercise as possible, and (b) log, log, log!

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Youve lost 10 kgs in 8 weeks!
Thats so fantastic!!<333

Thank you honey :)
How have you been doing? I haven't been around much lately to follow my Flist...

awesome awesome job! XD
i'd like to friend you, we're in a comm together. :)

Thank you! I've added you back, the more the merrier :)

We all slip up now and again. You're doing great though! Keep it up. (I'm in the 50poundstogo community)

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