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She is Returning!
dylan <3
Okay, I'm not making excuses.
I've been bad. Bad, bad, baddy, bad, bad. These past few months haven't been too good for me. I'm sorry to say I've gained back most, if not all of my weight.

But there have been a few positive changes these past few days that had given me motivation to start anew. I've finished my military service (technically next Thursday, but I'm on vacation for Passover till then anyway). I'm going to take a few months to really concentrate on my eating and exercising habits and to figure out ways to keep from relapsing.

The picture journals will return as well, and I'll start logging everything as well starting April 12...

These months are going to be a blessing I probably won't have again. I'm going to make it work this time. I swear.


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