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Day 1 - Food Log and Notes
dylan <3
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Hokay. So it's started. Yesterday I went to replace clothes I got as gifts for the Holiday.
Absolutley nothing fit me there. If it wasn't for my positive attitude that day, I would have started crying right there. I bought three stretch tops for exercise, but I didn't find anything actually nice. The sale guys were really nice though. I will go back there when I start losing a bit of weight. I know it's hardly the kind of attitude that is healthy, but I just can't help it.

My problem is when I get either agitated or frustrated my first instinct is to find some comfort food. It's a habit I really must break.

It's Passover as well, which means it's really hard to find good complex carbs to eat. Right now I'm making a boiled egg and sweet potato meal for breakfast, because I want to start working out in an hour's time.

I forgot to mention I'm writing this on my brand new laptop - It's amazing!

Anyway, for what we're here for... I will update them as the day proceed whenever I have internet access.

Food Log
(11:10) 3 loquats.
(12:00) a salad with sweet potatos and one boiled egg.
(14:30) Mousli: 1.5% fat yogurt + 4 strawberries + a spoonful of honey.


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