Weeks 2, 3 & 4
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Week 3: Food Diary/Exercise: Sunday to Saturday (November 9th-15thCollapse )

Week 4: Food Diary/Exercise: Sunday to Friday (November 16th-21stCollapse )

Okay, so it's a journey. And I've had lots of ups and downs, but the important thing is that I'm losing weight in a steady pace. My goal for next week will be to get under 90 kg. Promising to work extra had and all.

Oh! And next post will be another picture post. Friends locked, as always.

Short Notice
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The weight-in will take place next week on the 22nd (my birthday!) instead of today.

Week 1
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Well, here we go, I'm finally getting started :

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All in all, it was a good first week. I already feel a bit lighter at 4 lbs less. Picture of how I look at the moment will be up in about 20 minutes in a friend-only post. Cheers!

Oh, Pamela
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My twentieth birthday is exactly one month away from today. I am a lifelong aspire-er, but I've never been an achiever. I've decided this is not going to be who I am any more. I have a huge potential to be better than that.

So I'll do the things I always wanted to do. I'm going to take steps to make things happen for me. This journal is going to be about my journey for improvement, because honestly I can't live differently any longer. I won't sabotage myself anymore, and whoever reads this - you're my witness.

Also, I'll finally start therapy, 'cause I'll just end up crazier if I don't.

Alright, to be continued.

Here Goes
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To be honest, the only reason I opened a new journal is that I didn't want to discuss my weight issues at my main journal. Because this journal will be about weight issues, oh yes.

If anyone is even reading this, this is me ->

I'll be twenty years old this November. I'm 170 cm tall and about 97 kgs. Not fun.
I've been fat all of my life, and spent most of my life trying to be skinny, without great success so far. I'm trying to change the factor beside weight that makes this so, which is pretty much my whole mindset.
At the moment I'm living with two roommates in a kibbutz in northern Israel, and I serve in the IDF, which is the Israeli army. I have around six months left to serve. During that period I'm planning to work about changing my life.

It's important for me to say that I'm trying to lose weight in a healthy way. I have a history of eating disorders which I'm getting help for, and I deeply encourage anyone suffering alike to seek help. I do not condone eating disorders.

Also, I'll be posting pictures of my progress in friend locked posts - as I weight over 200 pounds, they will not be especially attractive, unless you're into that sort of thing. So please, no mean comment, I have enough body image issues as it is. They're just posted so I have visual evidence of my progress.

...More to come, I guess.


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