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Week 5
dylan <3

My Stats This Week
My height: 170cm (around 5'7)
Highest I ever weighted:100 kgs (220 lbs)
Starting weight:97 kgs (213.4 lbs)
Current weight:90 kgs (198 lbs)
Current BMI:31.1 (starting: 34.6)

1 kg (or 2.2 lbs) lost this week, 7 kg (15.4 lbs) overall in the past 5 weeks :) I think I did manage to go just under 90 kg (I'm using an analog scale) but it's such a small difference I'm just rounding it up. At least I'm under 200lbs now!

Week 5: Food Diary/Exercise: Sunday to Saturday (November 23rd-29th)
(8:30)3 spoons of oatmeal with sugar.
(11:00)a tangerine.
(14:05)180cc of quinoa with cranberries + salad (peppers, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,pine nuts + 5 gr of 5% fat salty white cheese)
(17:00)large apple.
(18:10)a spoon of 3% cottage cheese + a slice of (whole grain) tomato bread - it's to die for!
(20:30)Went out to a restaurant and had vegetarian sushi and a pineapple salad. Very proud of myself for not touching the bread!)
Exercise- (17:15) 45 minutes on the elliptical (moderate)

(9:00)An apple.
(12:10)grits soup + 250gr red rice (whole grain!)+ salad.
(15:10)low fat pudding.
(18:30)Salad + 4 lichmiot (crumbled dough that is baked before it is boiled, it's about 20 calories a piece) + 1 spoon of 0.5% fat white creame cheese + boiled egg (very weird type that's enriched with omega 3, my roommate brought it and anyway I don't recommend it, it gives the egg an odd flavor).
(21:50)Energy bar.

(6:30)4 spoons of apple rice + half a cup of 3% fat milk, sweetened.
(9:15)Energy bar.
(13:30)half a cup of red rice (same as yesterday) + Chinese soup thing. No vegetables :(
(17:00)An orange.
(21:00)fried cauliflower schnitzel - very very delicious but something of a calorie bomb, won't make a habit of eating it. Anyway, I also had a salad and some white rice.
(22:00)about 5 low fat cookies.

(6:50)Cereal (whole grain), no milk.
(10:10)low fat pudding.
(13:30)Veggie schnitzel + a fresh cucumber + cooked vegetables.
(14:50)An orange.
(17:00)energy bar.
(20:30)mushroom soup (200 cal)+4 lichmiot+2 spoons of 0.5% fat white creame cheese.
Exercise- (18:00) 90 minutes speed walk.

(6:30)3 spoons of oatmeal with sugar.
(9:30)energy bar.
(11:00)energy bar (again!) + an egg sandwich (about 460 cal)
(15:30)An orange.
(20:00)an orange again.
(22:00)shakshuka (an egg cooked with tomato puree, red peppers, onions, garlic, etc... See, I'm teaching you Hebrew now!) plus I had a slice of tomato bread with it. It was all very red.
Exercise - (21:00) 45 minutes of the elliptical (not as vigorously as usual, I was very tired)

Friday: No hours, I didn't write it down.
I had a slice of cheesecake + orange juice for breakfast (so sue me, lol), a banana as a snack later on, quinoa + boiled sweet potato and cauliflower for lunch, a banana and an apple later, for dinner I had boiled vegetables again, a fresh vegetables salad, and some whole grain red rice. An oh boy, too much white bread at dinner, my ultimate weakness :) Later on I had an energy bar and then some weird white chocolate cream dessert my sister made. I felt really sick afterward. I wanted to "purge" (how I hate that word) but I stopped myself and I'm really glad I did. I mentioned before that I have a history of eating disorders and I just don't want to go down that road again.
Exercise - one hour on the elliptical.

Saturday: Is still ongoing, so maybe I'll update as the day progresses.
(11:30)I've made a fruit salad (pineapple, strawberries, apple, banana and orange juice), but only ate a little bit (about 30gr, I think) and a 3% fat yogurt.
(15:30)whole grain rice (1/4 a cup) + 2 slices (small) of tomato bread + a spoon of thina (Sesame seeds, whole grain, made by moi)+vegetables salad + a spoon of 0.5%fat cottage cheese.
(17:30) two small tangerines.
(18:20) 60 minutes on the elliptical (moderate)
(20:00)salad + 3/4 cup of quinoa + 1 rice leaves + two spoons of 0/5% cottage cheese.

Once again - lots of ups and downs. But I'm not unhappy, as evidently I'm still losing weight. I'm excising a lot and keeping track of what I eat. This week I've had more fruit as snacks. I'd like to cut down more of the processed foods (including the energy bars)

Most important thing for me though is that I feel really good! I have more energy than I used to, and I'm really starting to feel lighter. My face really thinned down and my skin looks amazing.


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